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Tendencies in the Dynamics of Birds Community in Agricultural Landscapes of the Steppe Trans-Urals at the Turn of the Century

The dynamics of the bird community in agricultural landscapes of the Trans-Urals steppe from the period of heavy agricultural intensification (1988 - 1992) until the decline of agricultural production (2000 - 2008) is considered. In the conditions of inten-sive agriculture, the agrophytocenosis structure and features of the agricultural cultivation technology serve as the key factors for the differentiation of bird communities in the steppe agricultural landscape.

Seasonal aspectivity of the bird population in the Yelabuga City

On the basis of our year-round bird counts in the Yelabuga City located in the northeastern part of the Republic of Tatarstan from 16.10.2010 till 15.10.2012, a seasonal periodization of the population was revealed. The validity of our surveys and variations of the boundaries of the periods and their amount were analyzed. 9 common seasonal aspects of the bird population were found for all habitats in the city. Their description averaged over the city is given. Features of the intra-annual ornithocomplex dynamics were revealed.