The results of our study of 23 natural cenopopulations of Cephalaria uralensis (Murr.) Schrad. ex Roem. et Schult., a rare subendemic species of the Eastern European steppe zone, in the Trans-Volga and Cis-Urals regions (in the territory of Bashkortostan Republic, the Samara and Orenburg regions) are presented. Density indices, features of the age structure and demographic indices were studied and compared. The total density varies from 2.2 to 10.3 ind./m2. The averaged ontogenetic spectrum of C. uralensis is centered. By the delta-omega classification, the populations of C. uralensis are distributed from young ones to growing old. In the majority of the populations of the species the restitution and aging indices are very low. The research conducted allows us to assume that the C. uralensis populations in the South Urals, in the Trans-Volga and Cis-Urals regions are in a satisfactory state. There is a threat for the species: violation of its habitats owing to excessive cattle pasture.


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